Re-Tree Donation Program

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List of donators and trees to date


Alexis Magrath Cutleaf Weeping Birch
2 Brian & Denise Magrath Cutleaf Weeping Birch


Bud and Muriel Whitwham Blue Spruce


Burden Bunch - Ivan & John

Crimson King Maple (4), Mugo Pine (5)

Cutleaf Weeping Birch (5)


Business Ladies

May tree


Chris Nicolson

2x Crabtree


Christopher Magrath

Cutleaf Weeping Birch


Dave & Linda Wilbur in memory of Maureen Pretty

Blue Spruce

9 Day Ladies (Integris Tourney 50/50) May Tree
10 Day Ladies (Integris Tourney) Larch
11 Deloitte Swedish Columnar Aspen
12 Dennis Butchart Larch & Dakota Pinnacle Birch
13 Dirty Dozen Brandon Elm
14 Don Grant Blue Spruce
15 Ed & Kay Goodkey in memory of Ronald James Mason Blue Spruce
16 Ed Van Iderstine & Lidia Cocco 2x Linden
17 Erik Skuggedal 3x Spring Snow Crabapple
18 Faye Ramsay in memory of Samual Edward Ramsay Linden
19 Findlay Young 5x Larch, 5x Crabtree, Linden & Swedish Columnar Aspen
20 Fred and Vonda Hofferd 3x Armstrong Gold Maple
21 George Rogers in memory of Colin Jolly and Bill Johnson Blue Spruce
22 Gordon and Bernice Warner Linden
23 Ian Pattullo and Margaret Pattullo Turner. One tree in memory of Peter Pattullo. One tree in memory of Sheena Pattullo 2x Blue Spruce
24 Integris Credit Union 2x Spruce
25 Jack Stevens Brandon Elm, King Maple & 9x Birch
26 Jamie Appleby Brandon Elm
27 Jamie - Darrel Martinson
Memorial planting
28 Jane McKay in memory of Art McKay 2x Brandon Elms
29 Jeff Stuart, Pat Stuart and Stan Hyatt Larch
30 John and Mary Row Blue Spruce
31 Jon Flannery Blue Spruce
32 Kalli Quinn in memory of Pat Quinn King Maple
33 Kathy Mears  Brandon Elm, King Maple &  2x Dakota Birch
34 Kathy Mears & Patti Pretty-Robison in memory of Alan Pretty Brandon Elm
35 Kathy Mears & Patti Pretty-Robison in memory of Maureen Pretty Blue Spruce
36 Kerry Taylor 2x Aspen & 2x Birch
37 Ladies Golf Section  46x Blue Spruce, 22x Pine, 3x Larch, 4x Fir, 7x Mugo & a May tree
38 Ladies Simon Fraser 2x Larch
39 Laurie Cook 58x Blue Spruce
40 Lona & Dave Hodgson Blue Spruce
41 Lorraine Dorosh in memory of Ken Dorosh Blue Spruce
42 Lowell Stevens Blue Spruce
43 Mac Adams Maple
44 Mark Yawney Larch
45 Max Munro Linden
46 Men's Night 40x Brandon Cedar
47 Mike Pretty Cutleaf Weeping Birch
48 Noreen Rustad in memory of Maureen Pretty 2x Blue Spruce
49 Patti Pretty-Robison Linden
50 Pine Valley Golf Course 3x Cutleaf Weeping Birch
51 Rick Johnson in memory of Yvonne Johnson Cutleaf Weeping Birch & Linden
52 Rob Whitwham 2x Spring Snow Crabtree
53 Rob & Carlie Whitwham Brandon Elm
54 Rob and Sherri Prideaux Blue Spruce
55 Rob Laing in memory of Maureen Pretty Blue Spruce
56 Stan Hyatt, Jeff Stuart, Patricia Stuart-Clarke, Janice butler, Rob Rail Blue Spruce
  Total Donations $20,501.94