Re-Tree Program


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Thank you to all members and non-members that have donated trees to our club's "Re-Tree Program".


As everyone can see, it is starting to take shape and the look of the trees on our golf course is only going to get better and better. Thank you to everyone that has donated and please continue to support this program as it continues to improve our golf course.

Here are instructions to see pictures of “your” trees on the golf course:

  1. Launch Google maps (Google Chrome Browser preferred)
  3. Click satellite Icon on bottom left of screen
  4. Click show imagery Icon on bottom right of screen (Little pictures)
  5. General pictures show up on the bottom part of your screen
  6. Enlarge image using + - radio buttons or scroll on mouse to area of interest
  7. Photos will appear on bottom of screen
  8. Hover mouse over Photo and line will appear showing tree location
  9. As you move satellite image around Photos will change
  10. Clicking on Photo will bring up larger picture
  11. Once at a tree photo, clicking on PG Golf and Curling Maintenance link will hyperlink you to all the pictures. (Top left corner)
  12. From here clicking on individual pictures will show Donor. (Scroll to bottom of picture)



List of donators and trees to date

Donor list