Rental and Safety Information 


Here are a few things to know and bring to make your experience at The Prince George Golf and Curling Club (PGGCC) more enjoyable.



Free Parking is available at PGGCC or details about paid parking lot.
Note: any reservations or time limits to your parking


Appropriate Dress & Footwear:

Curling is played on the ice in a cold arena. We suggest wearing multiple layers to stay warm. Please wear/bring the following items: 

  • Warm Jacket
  • Hoodie or Sweatshirt
  • Stretchy Pants (sweatpants or yoga pants)
    • Tight jeans/pants can rip or tear
    • To “test” your pants see if you can go into a “lunge” position comfortably.
  • Toque or Hat
  • Pair of Gloves or Mitts
  • CLEAN pair of RUNNING shoes (We do not provide footwear for rentals or events)
    • Boots, Dress Shoes, Heels will not be allowed on the ice.



The following equipment will be available: 

  • Brooms
  • Sliders
  • Delivery Aid (Sliding Aid and/or Stick)
  • Gripper
  • Wheelchair Ramp



PGGCC will not tolerate any individuals acting in an unsafe manner on the ice. A safety orientation will be provided to your group by PGGCC staff or coach before stepping onto the ice, please ensure your group arrives on time. PGGCC staff/coach has the authority to remove unsafe participants from the arena and/or facility at any time.  


Please contact the Lounge and Restaurant if you require food and Beverage for your booking at 250-563-0357  and Curling extension


Download Rental and Safety Information Form 



Group Injury Waiver

Individuals will have to sign forms for contact tracing


Download Waiver